Srila Prabhupada speaks about the Faculties in the varnasrama

"Whatever the elder members are doing, the children should do if possible. But for teaching the teachers themselves should be fixed up initiated devotee."
Letter to Aniruddha - Calcutta 7, March, 1972

Srila Prabhupada : "The principle is same, that when they grow up they learn the sastra. The more they read, the more they learn. Then they become preacher, teacher. The grown-up children, those who are fifteen, sixteen, they can teach five-six years old."
Room Conversation, July 31, 1976, New Mayapur

Srila Prabhupada : "General teacher class will be the brahmanas. It doesn't matter what he's teaching."
Morning Walk "Varnasrama College" - March 14, 1974, Vrindavana

Srila Prabhupada : "So those, these so-called teachers, they first of all set up salary, "What salary you'll give me?" That is dog's business. That is not brahmana's business. Brahmana will never ask. Brahmana is eager to give lesson only. That's all. Brahmana is eager to see that people are educated. "Take free education and be educated. Be a human being."
Room Conversation - Paris, June 11, 1974

Comments by Prabhupādanuga devotees of BIG & BIVC

"So we here at BIG and BIVC transfer the grown up boys (more than 10 years of age) from BIG to BIVC and they are further taught and trained by fixed up initiated devotees, brahmanas and sannyasis. And older students teach the younger ones as per the instructions given by Srila Prabhupada. That way everyone is student as well as teacher."

"As we can see Srila Prabhupada was saying that householders and ladies should not mix with grown up boys of varnasrama college but brahamacharis and sannyasis should. The spirit is that the basic aim of BIVC is to teach them brahamcharya, renunciation so to do that the teachers themselves should be examples of this."

"So, we at BIG and BIVC have allotted separate campus for BIVC wherein only grown up boys , other brahamcharis, sannyasis or sometimes vanprasthas (only men) and the teachers are staying. This campus is physically away from the community of devotees where grihasthas and small children (BIG) are living and where the main temple is there which is visited by all kinds of devotees all day long."
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Present Faculty at Bhaktivedanta International Varnashram College

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